Engineering report is being “circulated”

John Sullivan, BWSC Chief Engineer, reported in July 2017 that the report was on his desk.  Today he said that it had been shelved because they were busy but that it is now being circulated.  Next step is for it to be sent to abutters.


The Boston Sun report on SE sewers

After the update at the South End Forum meeting by representatives of the South End who have been meeting with BWSC the Boston Sun published this report.  Please note that although some of the details are inaccurate the overall sense of the effort is well captured.

Smoke testing rescheduled

The smoke testing was rescheduled for April 27, 2017.

Smoke testing is used to identify defects such as cracked or broken pipes or improper connections to sewer, catch basins and yard rains.  Defects and improper connections that allow stormwater to enter the sewer system may result in overflow during heavy rain storms.

The test is done by blowing an odorless and non-toxic smoke into the sewer.  Defects  and improper connections are identified by smoke leaking out from these locations. If there are no defects then smoke will only be seen from the roof vents of each building.

Smoke Testing April 13, 2017

White smoke will be introduced through the sewer lines and will vent from holes in the manhole covers in the alley.  If it also appears through the plumbing vent pipes located on the roofs of abutting buildings it may indicate defective plumbing or dry or unused plumbing fixtures that interfere with the proper functioning of the basement drain trap.

engineering work delayed

Due to inclement weather the soil borings were rescheduled for February 21 and 22, 2017.  Questions about the survey can be directed to the Commission’s Communications and Community Relations Department at 617-989-7000.